What would happen if you could change places with someone without anyone else being aware of it?

That optical illusion is precisely what can be pulled off by two identical twins currently producing music under the name DUALESQUE. But whether they do it or not, they cause plenty of confusion regardless.

Brothers’ Manuel and Mario Unterhuber have been making music together in Germany for as long as they can remember. Breaking away from their metal and rock days, the brothers have ditched their guitars and replaced them with synthesizers and drum machines.

“Having performed in rock, pop and metal bands in past incarnations, we found it somehow to be unnecessarily complicated and decided to strip the sound to its bare essentials.” says Mario Unterhuber. Manuel goes on to say “As just two people, we are free to do whatever and whenever we want to.”

For the past couple of years the two have locked themselves away in their joint studio in Berlin to work on the intricate sounds of their debut album FIX IT, containing nine tracks in total. The long play effort is at points loud, sometimes louder, and sometimes even driven more ‘in your face’ – the lead off single “Loud” states this boldly. The album also features guest vocal appearances by dancehall and reggae singer Carmel Zoum, Ex-Dirty Princess Yasmin Gate, and Buenos Aires based Electro-Clasher Patokai.

“Uncomplicated”, a small taste of Dualesque’s music, was released in early 2014 on Killerrrec and has been remixed by notable artists such as French producer David Carretta (Space Factory), Electrosexual and Kalif. On the flip side, DUALESQUE have carved out remixes for other acts such Berlin duo Mont Royal (Killerrrec), London band The Unkindness Of Ravens (Sonic Fire Records), Dead Sexy and Yasmin Gate (Killerrrec), for who´s latest singles and upcoming album DUALESQUE are responsible as producers. “FIX IT” is set to be released the November 14th, 2014 through KILLERRREC on 12″ Vinyl and in all digital stores.