KLOSET is not just a party, it is a throwback to the origins of clubbing, it is a feeling and an emotion, it is a collaborative artist where creativity is mandatory.
KLOSET was born in a Kloset Productions wrap party which was successfully led by Sara González Alveare, in 2005.
From that first party the management of KLOSET, begins to organize a tour of underground parties with great success, all over the world.
KLOSET presents from the beginning an innovative underground party character never seen before.
KLOSET parties are characterized by a selected and elegant atmosphere, underground music and most especially by an innovate concept. The animation side of the party trasforms a part of it mixing with the crowd.
KLOSET animation side incorporates specific design of visual art, video mapping and performers, obtaining a spectacular effect and a hardly understandable chemistry with the crowd, where Kloset crew and audience come together as one.
The new management, in its desire to keep intact the spirit in which the brand was born, wants to give it a new focus. Always with the responsibility to continue offering the best show to our audience and with the spirit of KLOSET 100% intact.

KLOSET events have taken place in the most cultural underground cities in the world, such as: Miami, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Capri, Milan, Bilbao, etc.
In that line, there are different kinds of parties that KLOSET offers in its portfolio, but always open to create the proper party concept on demand.

This is the most intimate version of KLOSET parties. Focused on smalls clubs, with a “boiler room” atmosphere. The real throwback to the origins of clubbing.

This is the principal concept of KLOSET parties. Focused on bigger clubs, festivals and wide area stages. Usually includes headline DJs as guests and includes specific design of visual art, video mapping and performers.

These are the kind of parties during daylight hours, usually in open spaces where the sun is part of the event. High quality food & cocktails, live DJ sessions & instrumental music, fashion showrooms & stands…


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