KLOSET was born in a Kloset Productions wrap party wich was sucessfully led by Sara Alveare, in 2005.This was the very beginning of what  KLOSET is now

From that first party the management of KLOSET , led by Eduard, begins to organize a tour of underground parties of great success, all over the world. KLOSET presents from the beginning an innovative underground party character never seen before.

Unfortunately, Eduard and Valentina, one of the first collaborators of the KLOSET concept, are no longer among us.

The new management, in its desire to keep intact the spirit with which the brand was born, wants to give it a new focus.


We started a new stage, with the responsibility to continue offering the best show to our customers and with the spirit of KLOSET 100% intact.

KLOSET is not just a party, it is a throughback to the origins of clubbing, it is a feeling and an a emotion, it is a collaborative artist site on where creativity is mandatory.

This is what we believe on and on what will continue working hard until the end.