Since a young age,  she has always had a passion for music. Her interest first manifeted itself at age 7 when she was given her first electronic organ; she soon asked her grandfather, who was a musician, to teach her Solfeo. From then on she increasingly fell in love with music.

However it was not until 2014, and thanks to a birthday gift from her friends, that her dreams came true and she was given the necessary equipment to start as a DJ. It was then that she met DJ XrastyX, who encouraged her to be more serious and share a booth with him in some sessions. This is how she began her adventure in the world of DJing.

In 2016 she began her solo career with a very personal musical style and a delicate musical selection, melodic techno, which she calls “Nikita sound”. Her brutal and magical staging and her simplicity as a person have managed to captivate a faithful fanclub that follows her avidly. 

She currently performs and directs her program “Nikita and Friends” at Bianco FM. This techno music show, which hits the airwaves two Saturdays a month from 20:00 to 22:00, sees her collaborate with other emerging and local DJs. Throughout 2016 she has been resident in the Bora Bora mornings and the “4 on the floor” Darkablar sessions, all in Vitoria-Gasteiz. She is currently residing in Logia Club, VitoriaGasteiz, with her partner Dani Logia.

She has played in clubs and discotheques such as Orosco (Miranda), Consorcio, Play, Charol (Bilbao), New Steel (Santurtzi), Osiris (Aranda de Duero), Sombrero de Canta (Pamplona), Macao (Logroño), Mítika Revoluxion and Jimmy Jazz (Vitoria Gasteiz). She has also shared a cabin with artists of the likes of PG2, Platty Sotelo, Héctor Llamazares, Aida Blanco, Richi Risco, David Mallada, Carlos Chaparro, Mikel Gil, Cristian Warehouse, Dani Logia, David Mk, Diego González, Javi Negrete, Chema Nox and White Noise.